Sunday, August 24, 2008

Take the time to look and really see!

A while back, a good friend and I took a day off and just went out to shoot. Nothing planned, no idea what we might find, just shoot. . .and BS a little (OK, alot!), and laugh, and just be photographers. We get so caught up in our hectic everyday lives, running around like ants doing our ant business, that we often miss so many beautiful things happening right in front of us. Take the time to take a deep breath, relax and really see! Here's a few images from our day. . .enjoy!

Woodward + Rick Photographers - Asheville
Child's grave.

Parker lookin all angelic

And here are a couple from a recent picnic trip to the Biltmore Estate with Gry + Sara. . .

Sara in the trees -
Thanks Parker for helping me continue to see beyond the obvious and the ordinary!

Just a lily pad?

Stop and smell 'em people. . .or at least stop and enjoy!

Vicarious parenting pic for Rachel!

Laugh, live and enjoy the day!



LaCour said...

Gorgeous photos! Of course, I especially love the ones of your kiddo. She is growing so fast...oh my goodness!?! Glad to see you're documenting the adventure of parenthood.

Thanks for the little glimpse.



regina holder said...

LOVE the shot of Sara jumping!!!

crigs said...

i can't even deal with how amazing that shot of sarah jumping is! incredible!

Lara @ Southern Weddings said...

Gorgeous! Wow, I wish I had your cameras and your talent... just incredible images! The lily pad image and Sara jumping are divine!

Jill McNabb said...

Sara is so beautiful! Greta shots. Miss you guys!

Kelly said...

Hi Brain & Gry...

Hope you are both well. Don't know why I wandered your way today, but the shot of Sara is just glorious. Hope you both are having a great season and will see you soon...Kelly G