Sunday, December 21, 2008

5 things to be thankful for - Christmas 2008

Even in the bad economic times we are facing, we must still appreciate and be thankful for the many good things that are always in our lives. Here is my (Brian's) top 5:

1.) My beautiful family. . .Gry, my wife of almost 10 years (July 2nd will be 10!)and our amazing daughter Sara. I can not imagine my life without them, they are the reason I live. Which leads me to #2. . .

2.) The gift of being a father, the most amazing, fulfilling, terrifying, joyful thing I have ever done and it just keeps getting better. . .I only hope I can be half the good Dad to Sara that my Dad was to me.

3.) Friends! (This may be a long one!) Friends like Jennifer Garrett who has shown us what real strength and courage is while she faces the unthinkable. . .her 3 year old daughter Shayla, was diagnosed with neuroblastoma (cancer) a couple of months ago but is fighting hard, smiling alot and we all pray daily for her recovery. Jennifer, Shayla and Shay's sister Savannah are the bravest people I know. . .kinda makes our other "problems" seem pretty insignificant doesn't it? Please go to her Caringbridge site and leave her a note, you'll feel better for it!

Asheville wedding photographers

Woodward + Rick Photographers - Asheville

Shay with her "bald guys" Cory, Ian and Parker at our recent Christmas party - bald IS beautiful!!

Fellow photographers like Rachel + Andrew Niesen and Corey + Jill McNabb who have directly and indirectly inspired us to grow and improve our business and to share our knowledge with others, thanks guys! And of course, Parker + Missy Pfister. Parker has rekindled the photographic curiosity in me that I thought I had all but lost. His art is an inspiration to me to try new techniques and see beyond the obvious. A prime example is this image of my daughter Sara, the technique Parker taught me (he didn't know he was teaching, but he was!) during a wedding he was shooting. I would never have taken this "chance" and in turn not have this wonderful image of my daughter. . .thanks Parker, ya big lug.

Asheville wedding photographers

And finally our friends Kent + Kris Scherr who we are rediscovering after the birth of their third child, Mia. Kris delivered our daughter, Sara, when she was still a student mid-wife almost 9 years ago. Kent is an OB/GYN is Asheville and both are just down to earth, real people. . .hey, anyone with a purple house and a chicken coop out back has to be good people right!?

There are of course many others that we are so fortunate to have in our lives, we will always treasure these friendships and are humbled and so grateful to have such wonderful, giving, "real" people in our lives.

4.) My Mom, Fern, who is struggling with Parkinson's Disease but still lives her life with courage, dignity and an inner strength that I am in awe of. I love you Mom.

5.) And last, I'm thankful that I get to do what I love to do everyday. So many people never find their passion in life and I am so fortunate to have not only found it but am able to live and share it with my wife Gry.

So everyone, have a Merry Christmas and look forward to a New Year full of hope and new adventure. Things will get better in our country and it starts with all of us not forgetting that we still have so much to be thankful for.



Corey McNabb said...

It's a privilege knowing all of you! We love you guys... Happy holidays!

Becky said...

She is beautiful. What a great photograph, her eyes look stunning.

Brian + Gry said...

Thanks C, it was great having you and Jill here. . .we don't see enough of you two!

Jill McNabb said...

Merry Christmas, B, G, and S!! It was great to see you at your very fun holiday party the other night. I especially enjoyed the girls' beautiful singing. The last few months got away from us with busy-ness, and I'm going to try to not let that happen next year. Looking forward to seeing you again soon.