Monday, April 20, 2009

Alex + Jeremy visit!

Last week, our dear friends Alex + Jeremy stopped in for a visit and lunch on their way to Charlotte! We photographed their wedding at the Crest Center waaaay back in 2007. Our friend Ivy Robinson was their wedding planner and she totally transformed the Crest Center. . .Ivy, you are amazing! Their wedding was also featured in the Fall issue of Weddings Unveiled Magazine last year! We had so much fun with them (Jeremy missed his calling as a stand up comic!) and, as we do with so many of our "brides + grooms", we've become good friends. Alex + Jeremy are the reason we love what we do. . .they are just great people and we are honored to call them friends!

And! Not long ago, another of our favorite couples, Lexi + Jason, stopped by to visit when they were in town. Their wedding was at the Cliffs Chapel in South Carolina on Gry's birthday two years ago! They were so nice, they even had a birthday cake made for Gry at their reception! Sara tried to take a photo of the four of us but she's still working on her focusing ability so I've posted a couple of images from their wedding.

Thanks again guys for stopping by to see us and for the yummy lunch! (If I knew you were going to buy I woulda got the lobster;) We're still havin' the BBQ on the 26th if you want to come on over!!

Here's a couple of images from Alex + Jeremy's visit and both of their weddings. . .enjoy!

Jeremy looking especially mischievous!

E-session in downtown Asheville, circa 2007.

"The kiss"

"The kiss, part deux"

Lexi + Jason!

The Cliffs Chapel, Cliffs at Glassy

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