Thursday, June 25, 2009

One time we loved seeing the dentist(s)!!

On May 30th we were honored to photograph Cat + Andrew's wedding at the Crest Center in Asheville, NC. Shay Brown of Shay Brown Events in Asheville did her usual great job organizing the day of activities. Aria Floral really transformed the Crest Center Pavillion and did a beautiful job! And, as always, the crew at the Crest Center did a great job and the food was outstanding!

Everyone had a great time and I have never seen so many people dance so much! I lost 5 pounds just watching! They are a great, fun couple and we enjoyed spending time with them since last February (remember the cold, slightly wet engagement shoot guys!) and getting to know them and their friends. If you ever need a dentist in Philly, call them!!

Here's a couple of teaser images from the day:

© 2009 Woodward + Rick Photographers
Cat + Andrew - streets of Asheville - Gry Karen Rick

© 2009 Woodward + Rick Photographers

© 2009 Woodward + Rick Photographers

© 2009 Woodward + Rick Photographers

© 2009 Woodward + Rick Photographers, Asheville wedding photographers

So, did Cat like the images?? Check the e-mail message we got from her yesterday:

"I'm totally speechless. truly- i can't think of any words that are adequate enough to express how much I love these. you are both so amazing! thank you so much. These photos have perfectly captured every moment of the best day of my life exactly as i remember it. there just aren't enough words....can't wait to show them to Andrew!


A great big hug and kiss from us both!!!!"

-cat and andrew, 6/25/09

brian + gry


crigs said...

the photo of them walking under the tree is one of the most STUNNING i have ever seen!! Brian and Gry, you never cease to amaze me!

J Sandifer said...

Beautiful image of the couple walking next to the fence!